Why Companies Use AI Insurance

AI Insurance redesigns how you think about the insurance process so everyone involved has instant access to the data they're looking for. All at a price that TPAs, captives, and RRGs can afford.

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Less Time Managing Claims

With instant access to all data for everyone, people find what they're looking for faster. Claims managers spend less time saving and relaying information, and claims close faster

Deeper Connections

By tracking all of your insureds and policies in one place, AI Insurance intelligently pulls info into the relevant claims eliminating duplicate data entry

Lightning-Fast Onboarding

In as little as 2 weeks you can have access to all of your historical claims data at your fingertips. No training required. All searchable and exportable.

2020 Technology is for everyone

If you can't access any data on any claim or client in an instant, it's time to upgrade your insurance platform

For Medium Insurers


For insurers already using a database-backed claims system, our software brings your organization into 2020. At no cost, all your data will be moved over, having you up and running in as little as 2 weeks. No charges for logins means everyone in your org works together, without you paying extra for growing.

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For Small Insurers

Captive Industry

AI Insurance Claims Management software reframes how users think about claims. Unlimited logins and controlled access means that Brokers, TPAs, Carriers, Captive Managers, and more all get visibility into their part of the process, making everything move faster. No more writing up reports for someone else in the ecosystem.

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Modern Insurance

If you ever email spreadsheets, or are using software built before you joined your company, it's time to rethink your claims process.


Data Search

Through a single search bar, you can instantly find any information about a claim. You can even search through uploaded documents and emails.

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Cloud Data Storage

Insurers hoping to comply with the NAIC's Data Security Model Law can entrust their data to AI Insurance. Our cloud storage is HIPAA compliant and meets 6 annual security audit certifications. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

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No more redundant work

By digitizing claim forms and putting all info in one place, you won't waste time sending emails to ask for info. Gone are the days of doing work that will only be done again by someone else in the claims process.

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